Fashion & Lifestyle

We provide professional, cost-effective and trusted supply chain solutions tailored to each brand’s needs, serving tens of thousands of outlets every day.

Our world-class fashion and lifestyle logistics solutions include buyers’ consolidation, freight and PO management, combined U-turn model and more.

Our extensive Fashion & Lifestyle solutions include:

Local Import and Export Services

We can act as import or export trading agent for foreign-invested brands, helping customers to explore new and challenging markets in all parts of Asia.

Duty and VAT Payment

Our solutions cover consultation of duty and VAT payment issues, flexible arrangements on duty, VAT prepayment and speedy EDI tax payment, ensuring you are ahead of your competitors every season.

Nationwide Warehousing & Distribution

Leveraging our global network of world-class bonded and non-bonded logistics centres, we support your continual expansion and growth in key consumer markets. Secured packaging for high-fashion transportation add value to your business.

Value-added Services

Our value-added services include Garment-On-Hanger (GOH), steaming / ironing, creaseless garment transportation to ready-for-sale delivery, reduction of waste disposal and unpacking time and minimal packing costs.